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Mirc forgetting settings upon reboot

Posted By: gringer

Mirc forgetting settings upon reboot - 07/07/12 07:05 AM


When I restart my machine and then launch mirc, certain setting are reverted back to default every time. ie, ignore lists, location of channel tabs, the pop up on connect dialogue box etc.

Is there some way to make sure that all settings are saved and used every time the application is launched?

mirc 7.25, Windows 7


Posted By: Wims

Re: Mirc forgetting settings upon reboot - 07/07/12 08:39 AM

mIRC isn't supposed to loose any settings when you close/reopen it, it means that it can't save the settings, and that could be because it doesn't have access to write to the directory where it saves its settings.
Do you have mIRC's directory (you can type in any mIRC's editbox "//echo -a $mircdir $nofile($mircexe)" to verify) set to the same directory as mirc.exe and is that directory the 'program files' directory? If not, please give some details about your configuration, by giving us what that /echo command returned
Posted By: gringer

Re: Mirc forgetting settings upon reboot - 11/07/12 02:31 AM

Hi there,

The echo command returned this -

C:\Users\myname\AppData\Roaming\mIRC\ C:\Program Files (x86)\mIRC\

mIRC is installed at - C:\Program Files (x86)\mIRC\

I set the mIRC.exe to run to with administrator permissions however strange things still happen, such as my ignore lists being reset or forgotten.

Any ideas?

Posted By: Khaled

Re: Mirc forgetting settings upon reboot - 11/07/12 07:23 AM

The most common reason for this issue is that you are using anti-virus/firewall software that incorrectly thinks mIRC is a trojan or a virus and is deleting your mIRC settings without telling you. Which anti-virus/firewall software are you using? You may need to add mIRC to the exceptions list or to contact the anti-virus/firewall developer to ask them how to resolve this issue.
Posted By: gringer

Re: Mirc forgetting settings upon reboot - 11/07/12 08:57 AM

I am using Avast Free. I will look into the settings now and let you know how I go. Thanks!
Posted By: gringer

Re: Mirc forgetting settings upon reboot - 11/07/12 09:30 AM

I think I have managed to add mIRC to the exclusions list, so I will report back later whether or not it has been successful so other people that encounter this problem can find resolution.
Posted By: gringer

Re: Mirc forgetting settings upon reboot - 13/07/12 10:02 PM

Everything _seems_ to be working fine, except for my ignore list. It is seemingly discarded every time and I have to re-ignore the irritating people every time.
Posted By: gbz

Re: Mirc forgetting settings upon reboot - 14/07/12 08:18 PM

This usually happens when mIRC isn't closed properly, e.g. after a crash or power outage. It might also happen when shutting down Windows without closing mIRC first.

The reason is that mIRC keeps certain things in memory, but doesn't write them to disk regularly (only when you exit the program or open/close the options dialog or the scripts editor, afaik). That way, changes may get lost if the program terminates unexpectedly.

So if you're not in the habit of closing programs before shutting down your computer, that's generally a good idea to avoid data loss of any kind.

Another thing you could do is type /saveini after making changes from the command line, e.g. via /ignore. This will make mIRC update its settings files right then.
Posted By: gringer

Re: Mirc forgetting settings upon reboot - 15/07/12 04:57 AM

thank you very much!
Posted By: argv0

Re: Mirc forgetting settings upon reboot - 15/07/12 03:47 PM

I want to jump in here because I have been noticing this behaviour as well.

Prior to 7.25, mIRC worked pretty well with a shutdown operation-- I know other users have complained about issues, but I never had any problems.

However since my upgrade, it seems that mIRC can't remember where the main window should be placed. Every time I restart my machine, the mIRC window pops up in the wrong place. I know it's the wrong place because I keep my mIRC window on my 2nd monitor-- when mIRC launches, it loads up on my 1st monitor. I move it back, and then, like clockwork, after my next shutdown and startup, it's back on monitor 1. Kind of frustrating, actually. I've never lost /ignore or other data, but then again, I don't play with those settings much, so it's possible I would have lost those settings too.

Note that this only happens during a shutdown. If I close mIRC manually and restart the program, it retains its settings. However it's unreasonable for me to close mIRC manually each time I shutdown when no other program has this requirement.

I want to reiterate that I never used to have this problem. I think there are timing issues revolving around mIRC's shutdown procedures and the amount of time Windows will wait for a program to close. This would explain why other users (probably ones on slower machines) had this issue before but I never did. But it would seem that now mIRC's shutdown procedures have been slowed down due to new changes, and have passed some threshold which causes it to affect my machine as well.

Given the amount of complaints about losing data to shutdowns and power outages, it seems like mIRC should do a better job of protecting persisted data-- for instance, mIRC currently does not flush settings immediately-- but it probably should start to do so, or do so on a 5-10 minute timer (on an idle timer so as to not interrupt user actions if it's slow). And perhaps there are specific things mIRC is doing wrong in the context of a shutdown that should be looked into.
Posted By: gringer

Re: Mirc forgetting settings upon reboot - 22/07/12 04:21 AM

Unfortunately, none of the above suggestions seems to have remedied my loss of ignore list data. I have tried the /saveini , I have tried exiting mIRC manually (quitting) and not just restarting the machine without exiting the program. It seems after a reboot / restart, the ignore list is gone. This is important to me because there is a particularly toxic person in a channel I frequent that has a very negative impact on me. The majority of whatever this person types is not good and even seeing just a few lines of text before re-ignoring has an affect.

If any solution to this is known or is found, please let me know.

Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Mirc forgetting settings upon reboot - 22/07/12 02:23 PM

Try completely uninstalling mIRC. If you need a backup, then do that first. Then install mIRC and check the boxes to install all of the new settings files. Then try and see what happens.
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