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mIRC will not open

Posted By: supercoke

mIRC will not open - 23/01/12 11:28 PM

I've used mIRC many times in the past on many different computers. However, when I installed mIRC just minutes ago and tried to open it nothing happened when I clicked on the mIRC icon. I tried a few more times and nothing happened. Then out of frustration I spam clicked it and got the blue screen of death.

I checked in my processes after trying to launch the program and there wasn't a mIRC process running. I later tried running it as an administrator and had no luck.

I uninstalled and reinstalled twice and only had the same results.

The version is 7.22 and this is a fresh install(literally, minutes ago).

I'm running Windows 7 64 bit. Anyone else had this problem?
Posted By: Collective

Re: mIRC will not open - 23/01/12 11:56 PM

An application like mIRC should not be able to crash your entire PC. That indicates a problem with your hardware, operating system, or drivers. chkdsk and memtest86+ are usually good places to start diagnosing these problems.
Posted By: Khaled

Re: mIRC will not open - 24/01/12 01:26 AM

If you are using anti-virus software that incorrectly thinks that mIRC is a trojan/virus, it may prevent mIRC from running. This is called a false-positive and usually happens when a company updates their virus definition files without checking them properly. Which anti-virus software are you using? If you disable it and then try to run mIRC, does that work?
Posted By: supercoke

Re: mIRC will not open - 25/01/12 08:45 PM

Problem solved, I had to disable ad-watch live on my ad-aware to open mirc
Posted By: Handle_With_Care

Re: mIRC will not open - 27/01/12 11:01 AM

You might want to consider the following before continuing with Ad-aware: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/11/11/lavasoft_has_new_owners/
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