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echo vs aline

Posted By: Scakk

echo vs aline - 13/10/11 12:24 PM

If I use /echo to send information to a @window it will show in the Log Files. If I send the same information using /aline it will not show in the Log Files. Is there a specific reason for this or am I missing something somewhere?
Posted By: Scakk

Re: echo vs aline - 16/10/11 01:01 AM

I guess no one knows frown
Posted By: ThatGuy

Re: echo vs aline - 16/10/11 02:00 AM

Could it be you have your /echo command logged, but not your /aline ...?

My suggestion is to add an on close event for your @window that saves the contents of that window to a file.

You can do the same for the /clear @window command
Posted By: Scakk

Re: echo vs aline - 16/10/11 04:39 AM

I turned on logging for the @window itself and then sent the echo and then aline to it. The echo showed in the log file for the @window, but not the aline to the @window. Both lines I sent to the @window showed in the @window.

The on close event could work I guess, but that is an odd to make it do something it, at least to me, should do any way.

I do not /clear the @window as it is a @window that logs my highlights from various locations.
Posted By: Horstl

Re: echo vs aline - 16/10/11 08:11 AM

Although both commands appear to be related, you have to see them in their respective scope:
/echo creates a linear output that may be logged. A new line is supposed to be definite - add it to the record if you like.
/aline however comes with all the other /*line commands, even if it may be used for the same purpose. How shall line insertion, -replacement, -deletion or -recoloring affect your logfile? /*line commands allow you to manipulate the window buffer constantly and everywhere. It's consistent that you can capture the content of that a buffer only as a whole, with /savebuf, but not a log. So, even if you can apply both /echo and aline commands on the same custom window, they are subject to different principles.
Posted By: Scakk

Re: echo vs aline - 16/10/11 01:12 PM

AH. Thanks for the info and explination. I guess I will need to alter my script to use /echo or add a line using /savebuf with the /aline command.
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