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Upgrading, and Server List Problem

Posted By: FreeTrav

Upgrading, and Server List Problem - 19/09/11 05:35 AM

It's been quite a while since I upgraded my (registered) copy of mIRC; I'm still running 6.21. Recently, it appears that one instance (of four) has stopped reading servers from the servers.ini file - if I look at the file in NotePad, all the servers are still there; if I look in Tools/Option/Servers, there's nothing at all. I can't find any way to manually load the server list, and I don't want to sit there and retype them all in. The other three instances, all in subdirectories off the main mIRC directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\mIRC) are having no problems.

(This is moderately important; A Certain Network doesn't enforce its written policies on server access, and for some reason, the randomizer DNS resolution gets cached, so I *have* to use the group round robin feature to get a connection to that network.)

[OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64]

I'm sorta willing to bite the bullet and upgrade; I resisted because of initial reports back around 6.3 or whatever followed my current version that scripts were breaking horribly. That's one of my questions...

1. If I upgrade, will my aliases and scripts in fact continue working, or will I have to do serious debugging and rewriting?

2. If I upgrade, is the new version going to honor whatever seems to have gotten corrupted and broken, and refuse to read servers?

3. Is there some way - either in 6.21 or in the current version - to correct the server list problem I've described?
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Upgrading, and Server List Problem - 19/09/11 10:16 AM

1. Scripts can and do break with new versions of mIRC if they are not maintained properly. Any scripts that are maintained should work just fine after updating. If you have scripts that don't work with newer versions than 6.21, then you really should consider better scripts.

2. Reinstalling or updating should fix whatever issue you have with the servers.ini file as long as you choose the option to overwrite the settings.

3. Make sure that the mirc.ini file is located in the same place as the servers.ini file and that the mirc.ini file is not corrupted.

Even if you get the servers working, you really should update. New versions of mIRC fix security vulnerabilities that may allow your computer to be compromised. Especially considering how old 6.21 is.
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