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/toolbar command problem

Posted By: Matt5150

/toolbar command problem - 30/07/11 08:43 PM

I have a little problem with /toolbar command

so, if I use this command /toolbar -a sometext Name images\example.ico /bubu works geat!
But if I use an ICL file for the icon it doesn't work

/toolbar -an2 sometext Name images\example.icl /bubu

I'm using -n options
-nN = icon index in picfile

Why it doesn't work?

PS: In windows XP works, in windows 7 doesn't work... Bug? Or what is it?


Posted By: sparta

Re: /toolbar command problem - 24/09/11 09:01 AM

I dont know if you solved your problem, but here we go.

toolbar n1 <name> <"tooltip"> <path-to-icl.file\example.icl> <"/command">

The n1 tell mirc what icon to use from the *.icl file, and this working for me, windows 7 32 bits, on mirc version 7.19 .
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