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Chat formatting

Posted By: gachapin

Chat formatting - 27/02/11 08:20 PM

Not too sure how to describe what I am looking for, but in XChat the users are offset from the text they write which makes it much easier to read.

Here's a screen shot of XChat of what I am looking for in mIRC:

Does anyone know if mIRC does this sort of formatting?

Posted By: DJ_Sol

Re: Chat formatting - 27/02/11 10:06 PM

You can create your own theme to do something like this.
Posted By: gachapin

Re: Chat formatting - 27/02/11 11:11 PM

Oh really? That's good news. Do you have a link handy where I could find some guidance on making a theme?

Posted By: argv0

Re: Chat formatting - 28/02/11 12:59 AM

You can't actually have the alignment that xchat has with standard mIRC themes. You'd need to use a dll or something for that, but I don't know of any offhand.
Posted By: gachapin

Re: Chat formatting - 28/02/11 02:35 AM

Oh. Ok, well thanks for replying anyway! XChat sure does make it easy to read in chat, but other than that I prefer mIRC.
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