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Highlight white font functionality

Posted By: hwkaiser

Highlight white font functionality - 08/02/11 01:02 PM

good day

I recently upgraded to version 7.17 and am unable to highlight using white font, all other colors work correctly. is this a known bug, or has this functionality been lost white font on white background?

thank you in advance for any information
Posted By: Horstl

Re: Highlight white font functionality - 08/02/11 01:30 PM

This is due to the "Automatic text color correction" feature, introduced in v7.0.
You're still able to have "white on white": put white as the foreground- and the background color of your text.
Originally Posted By: http://www.mirc.com/versions.txt
02/04/2010 - mIRC v7.0

86.Added check for foreground/background colors in control codes in text. If they are the same, the foreground color is changed to ensure the text is visible.

15/04/2010 - mIRC v7.01

2.Changed the foregound [sic] /background color correction feature so that it no longer applies if a ^K background color is specified.
Posted By: hwkaiser

Re: Highlight white font functionality - 08/02/11 01:47 PM

Thank you kindly - Vielen Dank
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