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Hi all, I have a problem with the latest version of mirc.

If I try to join channels with names like #caf , mirc makes me join a channel named #caf : it looks like it doesn't recognize the "" .
Do you have experienced the same? Can I fix it?

Thank you for the help!
Please see this. In short, you need to use channels with correct UTF8 characters in mIRC 7.x. Otherwise, you'll have to stick to mIRC 6.35 if you want to continue to use channels with code page characters. Note that ALL channel names can be done in UTF8 if channel owners want to migrate their channels to the UTF8 version of the characters. Many don't want to make the effort to do that, unfortunately. Also, some networks don't support UTF8, which makes it more challenging to use it. Unicode lets you have access to every language in the world using one standard rather than having to change code pages in order to access other languages. It's definitely a better way to handle languages.
Thank you for the help, I will try with UTF8 because the latest version of mirc has some I feature I like very much...but I need to be able to join my chan to use them wink
From what I understand, if you connect using mIRC 7.1, you should be in a channel that looks exactly the same, but without the other users. In your case, the channel looks different.

You might want to check with your network operators to see if the network supports UTF8 at all. If they don't, you're out of luck.

If they do, you still won't be able to join the old channel, but you could try to get everyone to join the new channel.
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