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mirc for the mac?

Posted By: paliometoxo

mirc for the mac? - 28/07/10 02:54 PM

i have mirc for windows 7 and have had it for some time, but recently i bought a mac and never thought about if mirc would work or not before buying it..

is there any chance mirc will get a mac version in the next few years? or is it something that will never happen?

the irc clients for mac dont even compare to mirc i have found nothing remotely half has good ;p
Posted By: FroggieDaFrog

Re: mirc for the mac? - 28/07/10 02:57 PM

Please see
Posted By: Constantine

Re: mirc for the mac? - 29/07/10 05:50 PM

Mirc will run under an emulator for the mac, called crossover, basically it is the mac version of wine, however it isnt free
Posted By: argv0

Re: mirc for the mac? - 29/07/10 10:46 PM

And there's always Wine, which works just fine on OSX.
Posted By: paliometoxo

Re: mirc for the mac? - 09/08/10 05:05 PM

thanks for your replies. i think wine is the way to go, works nicely smile ty for your replies.. and a nice upgrade to 7.1
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