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Date and Timestamps

Posted By: minxey

Date and Timestamps - 01/07/10 06:32 PM

I've tried searching, as well as fiddling around with my mIRC options before posting here. So here goes... My version is 6.21 with an OS of Windows XP home. My current timestamps are showing as [01:29:PM] with the code in options > IRC > logging being [hh:nn:ss]. I'd like for them to show as [07/01/10 01:29:43PM] where as the date is mm/dd/yy format. For some reason my help file isn't working because I also checked there. How can I change it? Please and thank you.
Posted By: starbucks_mafia

Re: Date and Timestamps - 01/07/10 06:47 PM

You actually had what you wanted in your own description! Set the timestamp format to [mm/dd/yy hh:nn:ssTT]

Your help file may not be working because until recently mIRC used a .hlp file (which is not supported on Windows Vista and later). Newer versions of mIRC use a .chm file which will run fine on all versions of Windows.
Posted By: minxey

Re: Date and Timestamps - 01/07/10 06:51 PM

I've tried that, and when in mIRC it's still showing the stamp as [01:51:PM]. Is it a scripting thing instead of being in options?
Posted By: starbucks_mafia

Re: Date and Timestamps - 01/07/10 06:57 PM

Yes, it sounds like a script you're using is implementing its own timestamp display and isn't using $timestampfmt to tie in with mIRC's internal settings.

The script may have its own timestamp settings somewhere or it may have the timestamp format you're seeing hardcoded, in which case you would either have to edit the script or contact the script author and ask him to update it.
Posted By: minxey

Re: Date and Timestamps - 01/07/10 07:10 PM

Urgh.... and I know nothing about scripting lol. Ok. Ty for helping.
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Date and Timestamps - 01/07/10 08:13 PM

You might want to check the websites of any scripts you're using and see if they can help. Most likely, somewhere in one or more of your scripts, you'll find $date or even $time. Chances are that wherever you find one of those is where the problem is. Without knowing what scripts you're using, we can't really give any more specific information on how to fix it.
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