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Posted By: bebegood /speak - 04/04/10 10:22 PM
i cannot find what programs i should download to use /speak
can some one give me link?=)
Posted By: HorseC Re: /speak - 04/04/10 11:00 PM
The use of speach with mIRC require a text to speach be loaded in windows. If you go to the mirc website, and look for the information on Microsoft Agents (while not supported in winows 7, there is a patch to make them work), you will find a pointer to the microsoft page for agents... ON THAT PAGE are listed several free text to speach programs that will work with mIRC.

The key is this, if your not going to use agents and just want to use the /speak function, you still need a text to speach engine for windows, and the website from microsoft listed at the mirc.org site lists some...

Good luck with this, when working its fun wink

Posted By: Riamus2 Re: /speak - 04/04/10 11:31 PM
As a note, with mIRC 7, you won't need M$ Agent. It will work fine without it.
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