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Posted By: xyzzy unicode - 23/02/10 09:27 PM
i dont actually know if this is right place to ask anyway ill just ask smile
well there are some chars like ' ★ ' which shows a black star in mirc.. as like ★ but the thing is the u cant copy the star and paste in mirc ull get a ? also if u copy the ★ ull get the black star well so far what i wanna know is where can i find these other nice chars codes coz u cant copy and paste from web or windows char map to mirc u cant get them any idea ? smile
Posted By: Riamus2 Re: unicode - 23/02/10 11:53 PM
You actually can copy/paste from the web if you set up your multibyte settings correctly and either use font-linking or a font that supports the characters. Also, the next mIRC is supposed to include full unicode support, so you'll be able to copy/paste even more easily at that point.

For multibyte settings, these work fine for me:

Alt-O > IRC > Messages

Check multibyte editbox, UTF-8 display, Font linking, and ANSI codes.

Note that there may be other combinations that also work, but that works fine for copy/paste from a browser.
Posted By: xyzzy Re: unicode - 24/02/10 12:01 AM
these are already checked the thing is yep i can copy paste but if i use this ★ it goes to a ? when i enter it. but then for the same character im trying ★ and it shows as the black star when u enter it.. btw im on windows if that helps..
Posted By: Riamus2 Re: unicode - 24/02/10 12:20 AM
That specific character may not translate well with font linking. You would need to use a font that can display it. Beyond that, all you can do is use the ascii combination to display it or wait until the next mIRC.
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