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Avoid chat clear on disconnect

Posted By: kopji

Avoid chat clear on disconnect - 13/08/09 04:37 PM

On disconnect the chat is completely cleared. If I haven't been watching the chat just as I disconnect I don't know what has been said right before the disconnect. I understand obviously that I won't be able to see what people write when I am disconnected.

What I am wondering is if it's possible to avoid clearing the chat log upon disconnect? Like, just connect right back in with the previous chat still there. Watching the logs is a hassle everything I disconnect, which I do quite often, for reasons related to my ISP.
Posted By: RusselB

Re: Avoid chat clear on disconnect - 13/08/09 11:10 PM

mIRC Options -> IRC -> Logging -> Reload Logs -> Both or Channel
Posted By: RoCk

Re: Avoid chat clear on disconnect - 14/08/09 02:33 AM

As an alternative to reloading logs, you may want to try the Keep channels open option which keeps the channel windows open when you get disconnected.

options (alt+r) > irc > select Keep channels open
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