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Posted By: mangaonirc

Control Key - 28/05/09 06:34 PM

My CTRL key is not working, but it's only for mIRC. For example, I can open a new tab on my Firefox with CTRL+T but I can't open the colorbox on mIRC with CTRL+K or remove the line with CTRL+L.

So, any ideas on what it could be? I normally stay on networks 24/7, unintentionally disconnecting every once in a while, but I have the reconnect on disconnection option enabled. I went to another network I hadn't been on already and couldn't remove the line with CTRL+L. Then, I intentionally quit all my mIRC programs and reconnected to see if that would remove the problem. Since then, none of my CTRL key options for mIRC have been working, even on the networks I stayed on 24/7.

I later found out how to keep the line from appearing besides CTRL+L so I don't need help on that anymore. I'm wondering if there is a solution to this, like maybe I checked a box in Options that locked my CTRL key accidentally and need to uncheck it.

So yeah, it's getting annoying and inconvenient that I can't use CTRL on mIRC, so I really need some help. Thanks in advance.
Posted By: Wims

Re: Control Key - 28/05/09 07:16 PM

Make sure you have the option enable in the mirc option Alt + o > Other > key (button)
Posted By: mangaonirc

Re: Control Key - 28/05/09 08:36 PM

Yeah, I have that option checked already. I even tried unchecking and then rechecking after saving.
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