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Display Options on v6.35

Posted By: Nalgene

Display Options on v6.35 - 08/04/09 11:20 PM

On my old Windows XP laptop, I ran a much older version of mIRC, I believe 6.21...

I've recently gotten a new laptop with Windows Vista on it, and thus upgraded to 6.35. However, I noticed that the windows still notify me of messages (color changing to red as the default is) even when I don't have the channel windows minimized, whereas on older versions, it used to ignore the notices if I didn't minimize the channel windows.

Since I'm on 20+ chans all the time but only need to be notified when there are messages in a couple channels, I'd really appreciate if there was some way to get that feature back... any help greatly appreciated! T_T
Posted By: Horstl

Re: Display Options on v6.35 - 08/04/09 11:37 PM

At options > "display", uncheck: "always highlight" wink
Posted By: Nalgene

Re: Display Options on v6.35 - 09/04/09 02:18 AM

It's already unchecked unfortunately, and of course I've restarted my client. :< ~

eh, in the meanwhile, I'm just going to downgrade back to 6.21 >_> Thanks still!
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