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Posted By: Neko74 mIRC tray icon disapears - 08/02/09 02:58 PM

when mIRC is minimized to tray and explorer.exe crashes and restarts itself, the mIRC tray icon disappears. mIRC is running, but i can't access it and I have to use the windows task manager to kill the process.
Because there are programs whose tray icons never disappear when explorer.exe crashes, I think that's a mirc problem.

Can you help me? How can recreate its tray icon and don't kill the process?

My OS is Windows Vista x64.
Posted By: Horstl Re: mIRC tray icon disapears - 08/02/09 03:15 PM
Though I'm not able to reproduce the issue on XP (minimized mIRC to tray - killed explorer.exe - restarted explorer.exe): do you have "Always show mIRC icon in tray" checked at Options > Display > Options > Tray? Maybe it isn't related to that setting but something like RegisterWindowMessage("TaskbarCreated") that Vista handles in a different way ...

Posted By: Neko74 Re: mIRC tray icon disapears - 08/02/09 04:15 PM
"Always show mIRC icon in tray" is checked.
Thanks for the link, it's interesting but i'm not a programmer smile
Posted By: Horstl Re: mIRC tray icon disapears - 08/02/09 04:23 PM
The link was just to illustrate "something that vista may handle in a different way" smile
I think if other vista users can confirm this behaviour this should go to the bug reports forum.
Posted By: RusselB Re: mIRC tray icon disapears - 08/02/09 05:30 PM
I have had this situation occur under Windows XP, however, it is damn near impossible to duplicate, as one of the conditions of duplicating it is to have Explorer crash (forcing Explorer to end task via the Task Monitor does not do the job).

It has happened so rarely that I nearly forgot about it completely until reading this topic.

I also don't think this is a mIRC issue, as I've had other programs react in the same manner.
Posted By: Brax Re: mIRC tray icon disapears - 08/02/09 06:42 PM
Happens sometimes for me (Win XP Pro SP2)... but the way i see it is:
If i kill explorer.exe process it restarts and everything is normal.
If explorer.exe crashes some icons are gone, mIRC is one of them (another program is peerguardian - the icon reappears on tray but I can't click on it.)
My guess is that this is program issue (so it should fall under bugreports imho)

As for mIRC - if it happens I start another instance of mIRC and enter following:
//dde $ddename Command "" /showmirc -r

Just be sure you have DDE enabled in mIRC options.
Posted By: Neko74 Re: mIRC tray icon disapears - 08/02/09 07:27 PM
Thanks a lot Brax.

DDE server enabled. cool

In Windows Vista fortunately explorer.exe rarely crashes, but when this occurs, the trayicon problem is irratating.
I've tried the showmirc command (--->Windows Run: "C:/.../mirc.exe /showmirc -s"): mIRC appears, but I'm disconnected from irc servers.
Now I have the solution.
Posted By: Strider Re: mIRC tray icon disapears - 09/02/09 07:00 AM
Entering an "irc://" link in the Run dialog, or clicking one in a website works too, IIRC.
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