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Posted By: Firstmate Right-Click on Nicklist - 05/11/08 11:32 PM
Well, problem is fairly straight-forward, I can't right click on the nicklist (get to the menu to usermodes, ctcp...etc)

mIRC v. 6.35
Windows XP Pro

Never had a problem with this before.
Posted By: RusselB Re: Right-Click on Nicklist - 05/11/08 11:37 PM
Sounds like you need to reload the popups.ini file
1) Open the Script Editor (Alt + R)
2) Click the Pop-Ups tab
3) Select File - Load
4) locate the popups.ini file (it should be in the directory that comes up automatically)
5) Close the script editor
6) Restart mIRC.
6a) This last step may not be necessary, but it won't hurt to do it in any case.
Posted By: Firstmate Re: Right-Click on Nicklist - 07/11/08 11:36 PM
Still no, if you could, can you please paste each popup script. On mine, it shows as empty.
Posted By: MrFix Re: Right-Click on Nicklist - 25/11/08 05:17 AM
Try this...

Go to Script Editor > Choose Popups

While in Popups tab, click view and choose "Nicklist" #4

Then File > Load... Popups.ini

That should do it!

Posted By: argv0 Re: Right-Click on Nicklist - 25/11/08 07:32 AM
You can find the default popups.ini under the "defaults" directory in the mirc install directory if yours is empty.
Posted By: Teiko Re: Right-Click on Nicklist - 15/04/09 11:07 PM
WOW, thank you so much. That certainly sorted out the problem I was having. Thank you.
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