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Posted By: Skeletor V6.35 - 03/11/08 11:23 PM
I have just recently updated to v6.35, in my previous version (6.17) I had a picwin balloon popup, certain things triggered it, ie Notify List.

I have not used it in this version until now. Now my custom notify popup works, but I have noticed that there is one built in. Is there anyway to disable this, but still keep my custom script working? I have had a look at the settings in the Alt + N options, but no joy.

Posted By: RusselB Re: V6.35 - 03/11/08 11:32 PM
Alt + O (mIRC Options) -> Display -> Options -> Tips -> Uncheck Enable Tips, or go through the various check boxes checking/unchecking the items you do/don't want tips for.

Posted By: Skeletor Re: V6.35 - 04/11/08 10:06 AM
Nice one!

Thanks for that, It was doing my head in.


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