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Cannot log into old or new Mirc please help

Posted By: jmo131

Cannot log into old or new Mirc please help - 24/10/08 02:15 AM

I am at my wits end with this thing. I was using Mirc tckg5 and starting having problems. I was told I needed to update to the newer version. I did. However, I have been unable to log into the new one or the old now. I have tried the /msg nickserv identify password but it does nothing. Please help as I need to get back into the chat rooms for karaoke. thanks.
Posted By: RusselB

Re: Cannot log into old or new Mirc please help - 24/10/08 02:58 AM

I have no idea what Mirc tckg5 is or what it does.
It sounds like it's a program that has mIRC included with it (which, I believe is a violation of the distribution rights for mIRC)
That aside, karaoke based questions have been answered a lot. Do a search on this forum for the term karaoke, and you might find your answer.

In any case, you do not log into mIRC, but rather you use mIRC to connect to an IRC server, which, in turn, may offer you the option of using a registered nick with a personalized password.

The karaoke chat rooms may require you to be using a registered nick, but that is up to the room ops, and we have no say or control over that.

I'm at a loss to be able to help you, as you haven't clearly identified what kind of problem you are actually having.
Can you not connect to the server?
Can you not find the karaoke chat rooms?
Can you not join the karaoke chat rooms?

No matter what kind of problem you are actually having, there should be some kind of message in your status screen giving information regarding the problem. This message may be very general, or very detailed.
Posted By: CtrlAltDel

Re: Cannot log into old or new Mirc please help - 24/10/08 02:15 PM

tckg5 is PowerKaraoke (karaoke software to create, play, and burn CD+G and video karaoke). You should ask for help on their forums Here
Posted By: dumouc2

New computer - 01/11/08 10:00 PM

Could someone pls help me. I had to get a new computer and I have downloaded mirc but I cannot figure out how to put my registration number is again. I tried it and now I have been charged for another. All I want is to have my tckg5 back so I can do my karaoke cd again. Pls help me asap
Posted By: RusselB

Re: New computer - 01/11/08 11:49 PM

tckg5/karaoke has absolutely nothing to do with your mIRC registration.

To re-register your copy of mIRC, type /registration then enter the information in the dialog that shows up.

If you don't have your registration number, you can get it resent by going to RegLost
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