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Posted By: Slaktarn mIRC lag "high usage" - 05/10/08 07:04 PM
Hay everyone my mIRC take alot usage im in 15nets and around 50 channels.. Maybe its the buffert that make its lag and the so mtuch resorses dunno... Anyway to slove this? Never had that problem in mIRC 6.30 but above that its a big problem

Posted By: Collective Re: mIRC lag "high usage" - 05/10/08 10:29 PM
What operating system are you on? Is it a 64-bit version?
Posted By: argv0 Re: mIRC lag "high usage" - 05/10/08 11:34 PM
Are you using a bnc for all these 15 networks?
Posted By: techgeek Re: mIRC lag "high usage" - 06/10/08 12:05 AM
I also have a similar problem. At some random times, mIRC's CPU usage will shoot up above 60%. To make it calm down I have to restart mIRC.
Posted By: Strider Re: mIRC lag "high usage" - 06/10/08 12:07 AM
I'm guessing you already ruled out the possibility of this problem being caused by a loaded DLL file.
Posted By: Slaktarn Re: mIRC lag "high usage" - 06/10/08 04:52 AM
Yes all its loaded by a BNC but make no diffrent if im not use the BNC so end of that.... Hmmm its a Win2k3 Enter Serv 32bit so its not 64bit system.. But still strange i have DLL loaded in mIRC 6.30 whit no problem... And whit mIRC versions above that this happen
Posted By: argv0 Re: mIRC lag "high usage" - 06/10/08 07:01 AM
What dll do you have loaded? Have you tried unloading it? DLLs can easily act differently under different versions of mIRC.

Also you mentioned the problem still occurs without the bnc-- I'm wondering exactly how did you test this?
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