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Posted By: mbab Notify list - 23/07/08 06:25 PM
Where can i find names on my notify list in mIRC installation folder?

Asking this in case i will have to format windows.Is there a way to load notify list after installation new mIRC?

Oh and one more question:
My ajoin when invited is enabled and i want to prevent certain ppl from inviting me in their channels.What is the best way to do that?

Think i managed to solve it,in Address book-Control:)
Thanks in advance
Posted By: Pivo Re: Notify list - 23/07/08 06:34 PM
Most settings are stored in the mirc.ini file, like the notify list.
Where this file is located depends ... well, my first try would be the installation folder, but maybe you're able to find it in your documents and settings folder -> your name -> application data.

About the invite thing, it's possible to ignore certain people for the case of invites only.
So you will still be able to see their text, ctcps, dccs, ... but invites will be ignored for you.
Take a look into /help /ignore, the i switch should be what you're searching for.
Edit: Well, yes, this may be easier in the address book.. shocked
Posted By: mbab Re: Notify list - 23/07/08 10:51 PM
Ok found it but when time comes how to load from mirc.ini?

Remotes and then what?
Posted By: RusselB Re: Notify list - 23/07/08 11:48 PM
Use the Address Book access. Type /abook

Trying to do it the way you seem to be thinking will (at best) wreck the mIRC.ini file. This file is not designed to be manually edited without a lot of knowledge.

The sections of the mIRC.ini file that need to be edited will edit correctly and safely using the Address Book access.
Posted By: argv0 Re: Notify list - 23/07/08 11:54 PM
The address book info is located in both control.ini and abook.ini in the same directory where mirc.ini is. If you want to format your pc, back those files up and put them back next to the mirc.ini after reinstalling and your data will remain-- you wont have to do anything when relaunching mIRC on your new drive, these ini files are automatically loaded.
Posted By: mbab Re: Notify list - 24/07/08 12:26 AM
Okies,will let you know when that actually happens:)
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