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Posted By: Vilius

mirc license - 11/06/08 05:30 PM

If I've registered mIRC once. Am I allowed to use it on all MY computers or just one? In other words, is mIRC license per-user or per-computer?
Posted By: HorseC

Re: mirc license - 11/06/08 06:05 PM

mIRC is a single user lic. However, you can not run from two machines at the same time without violating the agreement, as far as i know.
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: mirc license - 11/06/08 11:50 PM

It's per user. You can run it on multiple computers for your own use, but not share it with friends or even family members (though I have a feeling many people with one computer use the same license for everyone in the family).

And, HorseC, I believe you can use it on multiple computers at once if it's just you using it... it wouldn't be any different from using multiple copies on one computer for your own use.
Posted By: argv0

Re: mirc license - 12/06/08 12:01 AM

It's officially per-user, meaning you can install it on multiple machines that _you_ own and run it individually or concurrently across all of them for yourself only.

Although I think it would be in the spirit of the license to satisfy *either* of the criteria-- either install it on only one machine (for you and your family to use) or install it on multiple machines for yourself only.

Note that I don't speak for Khaled here, but that's the general/unofficial feeling I get on the subject.
Posted By: HorseC

Re: mirc license - 12/06/08 02:40 PM

thanks for the additional comments from others in the knowhe... And I agree its the spirit that counts. This software is very inexpensive for the function it has. This, along with the amount of charity help the revenue from the lic. provides, makes it worth it to register more than one copy if your so inclined.
Posted By: Vilius

Re: mirc license - 26/06/08 11:07 AM

Thanks. I'm not sharing it with anyone, I was talking about my workstation and my laptop here. So I guess I'm fine with one license. However I will look into how the spirit can be improved smile
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