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DCC server help

Posted By: Ferrari

DCC server help - 11/04/03 11:25 AM

understand that there is a default port (eg. 59) which we listen on for chat, sends... but can we listen to two ports at the same time? (like listen to both 59 and 1600) How can i do that?
under the options "DCC -> server" , There is "Enable DCC server" , then "listen on port", then listen for send, chat, fserve... how do i listen on both port 59 and 1600 together at the same time. Because some servers are using altenate serving method.. some 59, some 1600... pls help. Thanks so much!
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: DCC server help - 11/04/03 12:59 PM

-mIRC was written as a chat client, and is not designed to be the latest and greatest way to share files
-the majority of what is traded is illegal
-a lot are infected with trojans
-many networks and providers are prohibiting fileserving
-this forum isnt here to help with/encourage/promote warez
Posted By: RoCk

Re: DCC server help - 18/04/03 05:29 PM

Hmmm .. seems to me like he's asking for help with a legit option/function in mIRC .. I didn't see one thing mentioned about illegal or warez or anything like that. In other words, if you can't help or just don't want to ... ssshhh
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: DCC server help - 18/04/03 08:40 PM

"Because some servers are using altenate serving method"

- Many ppl are unaware of the dangers and policies regarding filesharing
-clearly this poster was seeking a way to increase access to more fileservers, the majority of which are trading illegal files
-as long as replies to any poster are done with courtesy and accuracy, you have no right to dictate how or i (or anyone else) reply or to tell anyone to essentially shutup. i have no hesitation about telling someone i dont know and either taking the time to find out or suggesting places they can find an answer. And if i choose to not reply, i dont.
Posted By: RoCk

Re: DCC server help - 18/04/03 08:59 PM

the majority of which are trading illegal files

So this means that anybody wanting help with transferring files using mIRC is trying to do something illegal? If file sharing using mIRC is such a no-no then why is mIRC capable of doing so?

I say these things because it seems like everytime I see a post where somebody needs help in this area, you mods just blow em off like they're just lowlife kiddy porn traders or something, especially you. Some people actually need help with this stuff and not all of them are out to do harm unto others or commit any crimes.

If you're not interested in helping in this area .. then why reply at all? Nobody needs your advice on what's right & wrong.
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