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Posted By: jerod

reinstall - 25/02/08 05:59 PM

I posted this in general discussion and was probably wrong, it should have been posted here I guess

I had uninstalled 6.31 so I downloaded it again and installed it. I had copied my alias.ini, mirc.ini, popups.ini etc. in order to have them if I decided to reinstall. So after reinstalling I copied those files to the default and scripts folders but when i fire up mirc it just gives me the settings that a new install would give me. I tried the "load" option from inside the script editor window but it doesnt change anything from the defaults. How do I get it to look/work like it did before I uninstalled the program? Thanks
Posted By: LostShadow

Re: reinstall - 25/02/08 06:05 PM

Rather than cut and pasting all your other files (aliases.ini, mirc.ini), into your mIRC folder, actually cut and paste your mIRC.exe into your old folder.

There is an option about keeping your old scripts when you downloaded mIRC, but since you passed that, might as well do the above.

So if you have an old mIRC folder (with no mIRC in it), and a new mIRC folder (with mIRC in it), cut and paste that mIRC from the new folder to the old.
Posted By: jerod

Re: reinstall - 25/02/08 06:09 PM

Thanks for the quick answer but that won't work for me because I had copied those files to a temp folder before deleting the program so the original mirc folder is gone frown
Posted By: LostShadow

Re: reinstall - 25/02/08 06:12 PM

How does deleting the program delete the original folder?
Posted By: jerod

Re: reinstall - 25/02/08 06:24 PM

It doesn't. I deleted the folder after uninstalling mirc and before reinstalling it frown

Nevermind, I found that if you put the ini's in the same folder with mirc.exe it works fine and uses all those settings.
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