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How do you connect to channels?

Posted By: Herb1941

How do you connect to channels? - 10/02/08 05:36 AM

Hello the site. I am having considerable trouble in getting into any chat rooms. I am interested in stock and investment chats, but, can't seem to find the right way to connect to anything, let alone be selective in my choices. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Herb
Posted By: Gremel

Re: How do you connect to channels? - 10/02/08 07:02 AM

First, do you know of any such channel where they discuss such things? As you will need to know both eh server they are hosted on and their channel name.
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: How do you connect to channels? - 10/02/08 11:25 AM

Visit http://irc.netsplit.de/ first and try to find a channel that is related to that usig the search feature after click Channels. I'm not sure that you'll find many channels related to that, but there's probably something out there.

Once you find something, look for the network name and the channel name. You can then ask us with that information and we'll be able to give a specific answer.

In general, you can either start mIRC and go into the network listing in options and connect to a channel from there, or just type: /server irc.servername.net to connect to a network/server. Example: /server irc.undernet.org

From there, you can join a channel using: /join #channelname . Example: /join #help
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