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Join Channels problem

Posted By: OmahaGal

Join Channels problem - 25/01/08 06:17 AM

I am using mIRC 6.31. For some reason it will not allow me to join any channels. When I type on /join #channel it gives me a message in my status window "CHANNELS Unknown command".

I put some channels in my Perform section and those are the ONLY channels I can join. I was kicked from one of them, and now I cannot get back in using this client. I know I am not banned there because if I use a different client I can get in. The problem seems to be with mIRC 6.31.

Any help would be appreciated.
Posted By: Mentality

Re: Join Channels problem - 25/01/08 09:12 AM

Sounds more like you have a bad script.

Try using /!join #channel and/or type /alias /join and then use /join #channel as usual. Does that help?

Posted By: OmahaGal

Re: Join Channels problem - 25/01/08 10:43 AM

/!join #channel worked

I have used mIRC for years and never had this happen before. I even downloaded a fresh copy of 6.31 and reinstalled .. same problem. Weird .. but that did fix it for now. Should I not use 6.31? Any advice?

Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Join Channels problem - 25/01/08 11:14 AM

When you reinstalled, did you install any scripts? As mentioned, your problem appears to be script-related. Perhaps you have a script that has problems running correctly in 6.31.
Posted By: LostShadow

Re: Join Channels problem - 25/01/08 04:11 PM

Also /debug @debug, and see what exact event is happening when you use the /join command. Might return some other command.
Posted By: OmahaGal

Re: Join Channels problem - 26/01/08 02:52 AM

Hi all,

Continued to have problems, so here is what I have done. I completely uninstalled mirc 6.31. Then I installed mirc 6.21 and it is stock. I have not added anything of my own in the way of scripts. It is totally out of the box, stock. I also went into Prefetch and deleted every instance of mIRC in there.

Here is what is happening with this new installation:

1. All the nicks (except mine) have a ' in front of them. Example:

'TeckNick is xxx@48025.xx-xx.xxx.edu * TeckNick

Note: They all appear in the channel list with the ' in front of each nick, as well.

2. All of the channels have this strange #'# in them. Example:

'TeckNick on #'#chan1 #'#chan2

This strange #'# appears in a whois, in the title bar of the channel, etc.

3. I cannot join a channel unless I use the code that someone in here gave me earlier .. /!join #channel

4. Once I have joined a channel, everytime I boot up .. it will rejoin that channel. I have not put them in my *on perform*, and I have NOT checked the box "rejoin channels on connect". I do not want to rejoin every single one of them again .. but it did this all by itself .. on a fresh install, firs time connected.

I have some other instances of mirc installed and they do not have any of these problems. It is only new copies of mirc that seem to become corrupted. Please help me figure this out.


Posted By: OmahaGal

Re: Join Channels problem - 26/01/08 03:02 AM

Aha! Made some progress.

I tested this by reinstalling another fresh copy .. and this time I did not connect to my bouncer. Everything is running fine. The problem has to be a corrupted bouncer script.

Does this sound right?

Posted By: RoCk

Re: Join Channels problem - 26/01/08 04:24 AM

Had you mentioned a bouncer and a bouncer script at the start, they would have suggested you try not using the bouncer and script. It was an important bit of information that was omitted.
Posted By: OmahaGal

Re: Join Channels problem - 26/01/08 06:09 AM

When did mirc stop working with pysbnc? I have it on another client with no problems.

I went in and completed deleted the bounce and reinstalled and reconfigured it. It still corrupts mirc. I'm at a loss. If anyone has any ideas I would sure appreciate them.
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