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List serve? ideas anyone?

Posted By: Magia

List serve? ideas anyone? - 14/01/08 11:14 AM

could someone please help me with this issue i am having.

Basically i've been using irc the last year mostly for downloading off fserve no problems.. but only yesterday i came across Listserves but for the life of me i cant seem to get it to work.

so my problem is simple i think.. in fact i have this feeling that its so simple i am gonna be banging my head when someone tells me whats wrong.

When i type @nickname to get the list i basically get.. two bits of information.

1) that i am 1 in the priority queue (which is kinda awesome to see :D)

2) that i have been waiting for 0 minutes and that the file is being sent.

Only problem is i dont receive anything at all.. so basically i have no idea whats on those lists..

Anyway i found Autoget and with that i managed to use the search option to find what everyone was having on their list. So on double clicking the file it heads over to the queue section.. and pretty much just sits there doing nothing.. I noticed that one of the files started downloading with a message stating it would terminate if transfer speed dropped below 20-50cps (cant really rem that) anyway.. next message i got was.. Terminated cos transfer speed dropped below 20-50 cps.

Tried googling for help but using the words "List" "Irc" "help" isnt exactly something unique. One helpful site suggested that i might be having the problem due to ip mismatch. so followed the advice and tinkered around with the local info option.. nothing different there.

Right i'm sorry i cant give u all a lot of technical jargon but thats pretty much the situation for me.. Anybody have any ideas? i'd try almost anything to get it to work.. short of calling an african witch doctor...

Oh right i run mirc 6.21 and connect through a router on my home network..

Calling me an idiot is fine.. as long as u have a suggestion i might be able to use to fix the problem..

Posted By: Riamus2

Re: List serve? ideas anyone? - 14/01/08 11:16 AM

More than likely the issue is with the server, not you. Try someone else.
Posted By: Magia

Re: List serve? ideas anyone? - 14/01/08 11:33 AM

Originally Posted By: Riamus2
More than likely the issue is with the server, not you. Try someone else.

i did i tried at least 6 other adverts all the same result then i switched from irchighway to undernet to see if maybe it was the /dccallow +nickname i messed up with.. doesnt seem to be the case though.. cos they all had equal results.. which is basically empty promises.

Thanks for the advice though
Posted By: 2112

Re: List serve? ideas anyone? - 27/01/08 03:00 PM

dude I'm having same problem did you fix it?
Posted By: RoCk

Re: List serve? ideas anyone? - 27/01/08 04:38 PM

Are you ignoring the file types that these servers use for their lists possibly? I believe TXT ZIP and RAR are all defaults in the ignore list, and dcc ignore is enabled by default. Do you see any errors in your status window stating the file type was ignored?

/help /dcc ignore

mirc options (alt+o) > dcc > ignore
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