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Posted By: Lindrian /splay and mp3 frequencies - 25/12/07 07:37 PM
Im making a equalizer for my MP3 player, and for that I will need to retrive the frequencies. Im using /splay to play the files.
I know I can use fmod.dll to create this equalizer, but I don't want to :P.

So basically, what I want is to retrieve the frequencies in any way to be able to finish my equalizer. Is there a way to do so with mirc? If not, dll, com. similar?

Maybe this can/should be implemented into mirc?

Best regards, Lindrian.
Posted By: Riamus2 Re: /splay and mp3 frequencies - 26/12/07 01:00 AM
mIRC has nothing built in that can get the frequencies of what you're playing. That said, a DLL could obviously do it considering you already mentioned one that will. If you don't want that one, look up another that has the ability. I'm not sure why you don't want that DLL. As for COM, I'm not sure if that's possible. I don't know that Windows has any COM objects that watch frequencies, but there may be something that does. I haven't seen anything when looking at sound related COM objects, though.
Posted By: Lindrian Re: /splay and mp3 frequencies - 26/12/07 02:34 AM
The DLL mentioned is a system by its own. You will have to run each command through it. no more /splay etc. You'd have to play, stop and all that through the DLL. I dont want that.
Would require too much painful re-coding.
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