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Difficulty Running 2 Mirc instances

Posted By: PimpDaddyJason

Difficulty Running 2 Mirc instances - 09/12/07 01:23 PM

I havent seen anyone else having this problem.

i have my primary mirc which i use for chat, and then i have a bot that runs on mirc

i just reinstalled mirc 6.31 after a fresh reformat in 2 separate directories, and now for some reason thats eluding me, they are sharing settings, scripts, everything apparently
i can not get them to work independently.

everytime i change something or add something to one, it runs in the other one too! the same with removing things.

Am i missing something, been using mirc for over a year and never had this issue.
Posted By: Bekar

Re: Difficulty Running 2 Mirc instances - 09/12/07 07:48 PM

mIRC 6.31, by default, will use the '<documents & settings>\Application Data\mIRC' directory for it's settings.

What you need to do is put a 'mIRC.ini' in each of the installed directories. mIRC will use that by default.
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