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-NickServ-your nick isnīt registered

Posted By: Poentjeman

-NickServ-your nick isnīt registered - 31/10/07 11:32 AM

Can I get some help with the following message I receive when I log in. I was not able to log in for some months due to healthreasons.

* /timer:invalid parameters
* /timer 2 not active

-NickServ-Your nick isnīt registered

Thanks for your help
Posted By: Constantine

Re: -NickServ-your nick isnīt registered - 31/10/07 12:21 PM

Most networks have a 30 day or so, limit on unused registered nicks. This means that unless you login and identify to your registered nick at least once every 30 days it will become unregistered. Just reregister it (if it is still available. Visit the network help channel to register if you have any problems.
Good luck
Posted By: Poentjeman

Re: -NickServ-your nick isnīt registered - 31/10/07 12:54 PM

Thanks for your help, I am in again
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