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Posted By: me9906 Grouping Nicknames - 13/10/07 05:46 PM
I have 2 nicks that I used on the same network. One was oped in all the channels I am in and the other was just one I used for the heck of it. I tried to group them together and ended up messing up my main nick and losing all my ops, unregistered it or something. Is there anyway to fix this?
Posted By: RusselB Re: Grouping Nicknames - 13/10/07 06:43 PM
1) Re-register one nick
2) Check the nickserv options using /msg nickserv help
2a) Some nickserv's use Group, and /msg nickserv help group will give you more information
2b) Some nickserv's use Line
2c) Some nickserv's don't allow the grouping/linking of nicks, so you'll have to register each nick separately.
Posted By: me9906 Re: Grouping Nicknames - 13/10/07 08:33 PM
Thanks, that worked. I still lost all my channel privelages, but I just sent messages letting peeps know what happened.
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