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portable command line switch + SSL

Posted By: rastamanx

portable command line switch + SSL - 25/08/07 10:15 PM

I'm trying to use mirc with the portable switch to connect to a SSL server.


Basic SSL settings can be found in the Connect/Options dialog, and are visible only when the OpenSSL dlls are loaded. mIRC loads the OpenSSL dlls automatically when it is first run if it finds libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll (v0.9.7c) in the mIRC folder.

I did install the last win32 OpenSSL distribution (aka. aka. 0.9.8e).
I even copied the 2 required DLL files from the windows\system32 dir to the mirc dir.


$isfile(d:\windows\system32\libeay32.dll) : $true
$isfile($mircdirlibeay32.dll) : $true
$isfile(d:\windows\system32\ssleay32.dll) : $true
$isfile($mircdirssleay32.dll) : $true

D:\windows\system32\ is in my PATH var.

It looks like mirc doesn't load them at all. Anyone got an idea ? :>
Posted By: RoCk

Re: portable command line switch + SSL - 25/08/07 11:50 PM

Could this post be of any help?
Posted By: rastamanx

Re: portable command line switch + SSL - 26/08/07 12:12 AM

Indeed. Thanks for the hint smile
I thought it was somehow related to the -portable switch, or to the new \Application Data\mirc\ files location.
I didn't thought about searching already known issues with SSL.

By the way, a little note in the help file would be nice.
It'd prolly help a few others hehe.
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