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Posted By: Colby mIRC delay - 18/08/07 10:31 AM
Anyone else getting a delay with ALT+O, or any other shortcuts. I takes a full second for anything to open up or save and close.

Nothing is taking up my CPU/mem.
Posted By: segosu Re: mIRC delay - 18/08/07 10:33 AM
The mIRC options have always been like that with me.
Posted By: Mentality Re: mIRC delay - 18/08/07 10:48 AM
Goodness me, a FULL second! (Sorry I'm feeling facetious today)

I think I heard something about antiviruses interfering with this once. Try closing any antivirus applications and seeing if that helps.

Posted By: segosu Re: mIRC delay - 18/08/07 02:01 PM
Don't have one (mainly for interfering reasons).
Posted By: vexed2 Re: mIRC delay - 18/08/07 02:36 PM
It's faster at opening for me than 6.21 (Vista)
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