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Posted By: stonciddta Cant find D/L file in folder - 22/05/07 05:24 AM
Just got new PC with Vista Premium and the newest version MIRC didnt work, so I installed my old version of MIRC v6.03 and I am able to connect to IRC no problem and d/l items, but when I open folder the items are not there and even when I do a search on the system, as well unlock hidden files nothing.

Any help?
Sorry should of mentioned this I am freelance graphic artist and this is the best way to communicate we my team on huge files.
I think there's a compatability issue with Vista, somethign about programs not having sufficient permissions to write to their own folder(or any folder with one exception) perhaps setting your download folder to the one specifically meant for this in Vista will help? I'm sure others have better solutions! blush

do a search on the forum for this.

the files end up in some sandbox folder under \users\<yournamehere>\somewhere

there are other threads about this subject already.

simply do a disc search for the file and you'll find it eventually ;-]
It's inside a "Virtual Store" folder under your nickname somewhere. There are at least 2 posts with the exact path name, or you can just use the search feature in Windows for the filename for for the "Virtual Store" folder. You can thank Vista for preventing you from storing files in any location you tell it to. frown

Your other option is to change the download path to a "safe" place, such as the desktop. I'm not sure what other locations are considered "safe" by Vista, where the file won't get secretly moved to that Virtual Store folder without telling you.
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