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IRC Protocol - NetSplits

Posted By: Canario

IRC Protocol - NetSplits - 28/02/07 04:44 AM

I want to detect netsplits for a mass join script. I have some doubts about netsplits.

When a netsplit happens, users quit with a message depending the Network. The message is setted by the server admin?

Another doubt: Suppose that the netsplits affects only 12 users in the channel (includes you), you will see the 12 quit messages? Or maybe the netsplits affects you before you can see all the messages?

I hope you can understand the questions... My english is very poor smile... Thanks
Posted By: Doqnach

Re: IRC Protocol - NetSplits - 28/02/07 10:10 AM

the way a netsplit is display depends on the network indeed and it's a setting in the IRCd itself.
with scripts like this you need to check the quit message on data. problem here is you have to detect all forms of the message for all those different networks. some state (server1 server2), some state (*.net *.split) to hide the servers. it's good practice to ignore any quit message that has something like this that start with (Quit: server1 server2) because those are often user spoofed netsplit messages to confuse these kind of scripts...
Posted By: Canario

Re: IRC Protocol - NetSplits - 28/02/07 03:58 PM

Thank you. Filter Quit: and User Quit: is a good idea.
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