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i need help

Posted By: bl1nd

i need help - 15/02/07 06:26 AM

i need help i cant join to this channel for this channel for some reason


Posted By: Constantine

Re: i need help - 15/02/07 06:57 AM

It would appear you need to have a registered nick and be identified to it. I would suggest you join the networks help channel for further assistance, I am pretty sure they can fix you up real quick.
Posted By: RusselB

Re: i need help - 17/02/07 04:57 PM

This type of problem has been asked about and answered many times.

Please remember to use the Search feature before posting.
Posted By: drc4

Re: i need help - 22/02/07 03:36 AM

It's not wise to post your IP address either. If you aren't able to explain the problem without taking a screenshot, it would be wise to at least darken out your IP address and host. There's some inhumane people in this vast world wide web.
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