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Posted By: THE_ADZ mIRC for Linux - 07/02/07 01:37 AM
I plan on installing Linux (Fedora Core). I however, want to make sure that I can run all my favorite software on it first. A major problem occurs for mIRC. I searched the web and found no way of running it under Linux. If anyone knows a way please tell me. It would be very hard to let go of such a great program.

I heard of the program Wine for Linux which lets you run Windows Apps. If anyone knows...is it good or bad tell me please. Greatly appreciate it!
Posted By: psycogod Re: mIRC for Linux - 07/02/07 02:51 AM
I tried Wine with mIRC one time (a couple years ago), didn't work all that great. It kept giving a memory error, can't remember what it was. I say to try it; if it works great, if it don't nothing lost nothing gained. A lot has changed in mIRC and Linux since, so my experience may not be applicable.
Posted By: Riamus2 Re: mIRC for Linux - 07/02/07 02:23 PM
Many people use Wine with mIRC without any problems. It depends partly on which Linux distro you're using, I guess. Just try it and see. Ideally, you'll not get rid of Windows completely until you know for sure that everything you have works fine in Linux.
Posted By: Constantine Re: mIRC for Linux - 07/02/07 07:04 PM
mirc works just fine with wine on fedora core I have been running it for a year or so. I dont know about any scripting or coding conflicts because I use mirc for what it was made for, chat. Good luck
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