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/help Bug in mIRC v6.21 ?

Posted By: Chamillionaire

/help Bug in mIRC v6.21 ? - 26/11/06 01:09 AM

I have take the new help files (mirc.chm & intro.chm) to C:\mIRC\Doc\
Now when I type /help in mIRC I get this error: The file C:\mIRC\mirc.hlp was not found. Would you like to search yourself? When I click of Yes I can only select *.hlp files. But when I put the help files*.chm in C:\mIRC\ it work fine. Why is it so?
Posted By: Jigsy

Re: /help Bug in mIRC v6.21 ? - 26/11/06 01:20 AM

I'm assuming you just reinstalled mIRC to a different folder.

Did you update the other version or did you just copy the help files over?
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: /help Bug in mIRC v6.21 ? - 26/11/06 06:39 AM

Part of your problem is having them in a Doc folder. They should be in the main mIRC folder.
Posted By: Chamillionaire

Re: /help Bug in mIRC v6.21 ? - 26/11/06 01:40 PM

I have put the mIRC v6.21 over the v6.20 an overwrite it. I del the *.hlp files and put the new *.chm there. I'd like to have the *.chm docs in the folder Doc and not there how the mIRC.exe is.
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