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Firewalled bots

Posted By: durkadurkastan

Firewalled bots - 04/11/06 02:45 PM

Sorry if this is already a thread, but I can't find any info that helps me out here. I try to dl from a firewalled bot and it gives me two commands to type in order to dl from it. I type in "/mode durkadurkastan -x", and "/dccserver +sc on 59" which is exactly what it says im supposed to do, but then it says I'm not listening on TCP port 59. I go into the options menu and sure enough, it says "Listening on port 59". Another thing I've tried is going into my Windows firewall settings and the things not even on. But for good measure i went to the Exceptions tab and click Add port... then add mirc on TCP port 59. Still no luck. Do I need to do something different? If it's something as simple as turning my firewall on, then why won't it work if its not even firewalled? ARGH!!
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Firewalled bots - 04/11/06 03:08 PM

Read here.

Beyond that, your problem is either caused by the server or because you have a router or firewall no configured properly. Ask in the channel for help as we can't help you download in this forum.
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