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Mirc registartiobn.

Posted By: merlincat

Mirc registartiobn. - 02/11/06 09:20 AM

I paid through Paypal on Oct 21 2006 and still have not received the license for MIRC can someone help? I have tried emailing to orders@mirc.com,khaled@mirc.com and have received no reply. I have never had this problem with any other piece of software. TIA merlin.
Posted By: merlincat

Re: Mirc registration - sorted - 02/11/06 11:52 AM

Just an update. Kahled has contacted me apparently the registration email was bounced.
Posted By: boogerina

Re: Mirc registartiobn. - 08/11/06 10:34 PM

I thought I read somewhere that, unlike other shareware programs, it is not necessary to register your copy and can continue using it after the 30 days trial. Is this still the case?

Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Mirc registartiobn. - 08/11/06 10:42 PM

Yes. You will have to wait for the timer to finish before you can use it each time you start it up, but you don't have to register to keep using it. However, if you think mIRC is a great program, then you really should register it. It helps to keep the updates coming. Remember that this is how Khaled pays the bills. And it's not much money for a program where you get all future versions free.
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