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NickServ on irc

Posted By: durkadurkastan

NickServ on irc - 30/09/06 05:09 PM

I accidentally typed a ".com" instead of a ".net" at the end of my email address when registering my nick on irc. After i realized that I wouldn't get the email because of the screw-up, i tried again with the correct address, but it won't let me do it again. Is there a period of time I need to wait? Or something that I have to type in?
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: NickServ on irc - 30/09/06 08:00 PM

For many networks, it is 48 hours.
Posted By: Firestarter

Re: NickServ on irc - 30/09/06 08:45 PM

Find an ircop get them to delete your previous attempt or wait the 24 or 48 hours as stated

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