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Problem join channels

Posted By: ScRaPpy

Problem join channels - 03/09/06 05:57 PM

Hey im trying to join the findringer channel on mirc but im having problems. I connect to the server, go to commands, type findringer and it takes me to a channel with only 4 people in it. At the top on the blue bar of the channel it says "#findringer [4] [+CnNt]".

I called up my friend and has him try to join the same channel and he went through the same process as me and got to a channel with 200+ people in it that said "#findringer" at the top on the blue bar.

So does anyone know why we are doing the same thing but getting different results?
Posted By: maroon

Re: Problem join channels - 03/09/06 06:01 PM

Different network. Have him paste this and tell you the result:

//echo -a $network $server

The first word would be the network name. If it's in the mIRC list of networks in your connect window, try connecting there. If it's not there, then you can try to join the specific server he's on, by using the 2nd_word in his answer in:

/server 2nd_word

If he's at the same network you're on, then the network is having a temporary split, and the servers will eventually re-join each other.
Posted By: ScoT

Re: Problem join channels - 03/09/06 06:01 PM

you probably joined the wrong Network, ask your friend which network to join and you can join it instead by doing /server name-of-network-he-gives you
Posted By: ScRaPpy

Re: Problem join channels - 03/09/06 06:13 PM

Ok it turns out we were on different servers but now I got connected to his so thanks for the help with that. But now whenever I type findringer or anything else it says "Cannot join channel (+r)". Does anyone know why?
Posted By: RusselB

Re: Problem join channels - 03/09/06 07:34 PM

The +r means that you need a nick that is registered and identified for on that network.
If the network uses nickserv, type /nickserv help register
If not, or if you have further problems in this regard, contact the local help channel, usually #help
Posted By: ScRaPpy

Re: Problem join channels - 03/09/06 07:50 PM

Ok I just registered my nick and now I can get into all of the channels and everything works. Thanks to everyone who helped grin
Posted By: RusselB

Re: Problem join channels - 03/09/06 08:36 PM

Your welcome, and if you come across any other problems with mIRC, don't hesitate to let us know about them. While we don't know everything, if we don't know the answer, then we probably know someone that does, or the information needs to be sent to Khaled for consideration for future versions. And before you ask, yes, Khaled does monitor these forums.
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