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irc server window

Posted By: beanie

irc server window - 29/07/06 06:34 PM

Hello in servers window under irc servers .where you go to select the network you want to be on there are no servers there to choose. did something not load right?
Posted By: RusselB

Re: irc server window - 30/07/06 12:42 AM

First off I'm going to presume that you've installed 6.2
When you did that, did you have the installer install the servers.ini file, and did you tell it to overwrite your current file?
If so, your server.ini file has not been lost. It is available in the backup directory (for Windows XP, default location) C:\Program Files\mIRC\backup

If you didn't do the above, then I'm not sure what happened.

I'm also not sure what comes in the default servers.ini file with 6.2, as I didn't have my current setting overridden by the new files.
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