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What does "Arrange Icons" do?

Posted By: billythekid

What does "Arrange Icons" do? - 29/07/06 02:25 AM

Alt-O Display/Options unchecking Include DCCs shows anarrange icons button but it doesnt appear to do anything. I read /help arrange icons. but it's no clearer as to what it actually does, or why it's only active when dcc's aren't included in the switch/treebars. I've tried turning on and off a bunch of options, bars, menus etc, but obviously haven't hit the right combination...

Window Menu

The Tile, Cascade, and Arrange Icons menu items work the same way as in other applications.

The group dialog allows you to change the way windows are grouped when tiled or cascaded.

The order dialog allows you to change the display order of buttons in the switchbar.

The auto-tile and auto-cascade options reposition/resize windows every time a new window is created or destroyed so as to make all of the windows more accessible.

The auto-arrange option re-arranges minimized icons (when the switchbar is turned off) whenever an icon window is closed.

so what's it all about??

Posted By: hixxy

Re: What does "Arrange Icons" do? - 29/07/06 10:52 AM

I think it's when you minimise a bunch of windows and they're lined up along the bottom, you click on arrange icons to group the different types of child windows together. So all status windows would line up next to each other, all channels would, etc..
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