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Flashing DCC chat window

Posted By: aleolsen

Flashing DCC chat window - 05/07/06 05:31 PM

Is there any way to turn off the default dcc "flashing" option? At the moment i cant find any other way to do it but to right click on the chat window on the switchbar list and unhook the "Flashing". This makes the flashing come back when the chat is re-created.

Let me know if im wrong and its a simple way, but it sure does make me go crazy smile

Posted By: sazeMaster

Re: Flashing DCC chat window - 14/08/06 12:59 PM

Same problem as you.
To me it's a BUG that mIRC doesn't remember the flashing settings made by right click over the DCC CHAT button.
I've tried to set it via the ini files, but nothing.

Someone has a suggestion?
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