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error 10053 sortware abort

Posted By: PK7

error 10053 sortware abort - 19/06/06 02:24 PM

i wrote and told Khaled/Mirc i wanted total refund if it can't be fixed. it is a waste of my money and possibly all of you too
that error 10053 sorfware abort it happens to me all day and nite

how many of you actually paid for mirc
if you didnt you should
its not right getting it for free after all the time and money he spent on it

every who is having this trouble please write to him and tell him the same that you want a refund

Posted By: Mentality

Re: error 10053 sortware abort - 19/06/06 03:24 PM

Well, you say you've been using mIRC for 7 years (in another post), and yet now all of a sudden it's not working. Therefore, one would think it's a problem on your end somewhere. Khaled hasn't made your mIRC break. As much as you might insist you haven't changed anything on your end (in the past 7 years!), it is my experience that the user probably has.

As for a refund, well, that's up to Khaled...

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