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Weird problem with Raw numeric 317

Posted By: ZeAvIs

Weird problem with Raw numeric 317 - 10/06/06 09:59 AM

For some reason, when I whois people, I only recieve the raw numeric 317 if I whois myself. When I whois other people, I don't recieve it from .

I was using this code to check what numerics I was getting when I whois someone.

raw *:*:{
echo -a raw numeric $numeric - $1-

When I perform a whois on anyone but me, I don't see 317 show up. This was using the generic mIRC you download from this website. I was using this other script called acidmax, and it works with that script, I can recieve numeric 317. I have been searching for hours on how to resolve this with no luck. There must be something I am missing about this. Any help would be appreciated.
Posted By: genius_at_work

Re: Weird problem with Raw numeric 317 - 10/06/06 04:28 PM

To get this information for users who are on other servers, you need to specify the nickname twice in the /whois command.

/whois bob bob

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