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registered nick

Posted By: shouta

registered nick - 03/06/06 12:44 AM

I trying to talk in a chat room and it said "You must have a registered nick (+r) to talk on this channel " so how do i get a registered nick?

Shouta, The Haibane.
Posted By: Macondo

Re: registered nick - 03/06/06 02:21 AM

the syntaxis is normally /msg nickserv register password email, and then /msg nickserv identify password to identify with your nickname, but this may differ from one network to the other, so it's better if you join your favorite #help channel and ask for assistance from one of the ops there...

hope it helps wink
Posted By: shouta

Re: registered nick - 03/06/06 03:52 AM

thank you for helping me.

Shouta, The Haibane smile
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