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Posted By: Fizz

Flooding - 13/05/06 04:57 PM

Hi its me again ......

Having sorted out my downlowd problem I now another.....

I have the 6.17 version of mIRC, and have connected my

quizbot to the server/room. However after a few questions I

get the message "bot quit excess flood"

Not come across this before but have looked at flood under

Irc options and the setting ares 300 Byts - buffer 10 Lines -

max.per person 3 and ignore person 0.

Both boxes under Enable protection are ticked and both

boxes under Queue are unticked ........ have looked at Help

but not found a solution. Is this fault with mIRC . or
with the

server ?

Any assistance will be much appreciated

Thanks Fizz
Posted By: Rounin

Re: Flooding - 14/05/06 06:41 PM

It seems an awful lot like your bot's sending out too much information, however there is a possibility that it's receivng too much information instead. It's possible on some servers to flood out by typing /list, for instance.

At any rate, unfortunately the mIRC fora generally only offer help with mIRC, and not with third party tools. It would be best to ask the authors of your quizbot.
Posted By: Fizz

Re: Flooding - 15/05/06 07:52 AM

Thanks for replying Rounin, yes it does seem to be

fast typing causing the prob......... was'nt sure where the

problem was, will speak to the bots supplier

thanks v much x
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