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Starting multiple servers.

Posted By: Selavi

Starting multiple servers. - 06/03/06 10:50 AM

Is there a way to start multiple servers on MIRC start. I searched for some command line to make mirc autoconnect (to multiple servers not just one) when i start MIRC but couldn't find one?

Posted By: mIRCManiac

Re: Starting multiple servers. - 06/03/06 01:00 PM

Type /help /server and look for the -m switch.

The -m switch creates a new server window for that connection and connects to the server.

on *:START: {
  server [color:red]server1[/color]
  server -m [color:red]server2[/color]
  server -m [color:red]server3[/color]

Replace these with your server names.
Posted By: Selavi

Re: Starting multiple servers. - 09/03/06 04:13 AM

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